Cornerstone Baptist Church
Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Mission's Weekend
Good News Feet... How do your Gospel feet look?
January 19th-20th
Our Newest missionaries:
Matt and Jessica Hardin and Family
Mark and Katie McElreath
Missionaries Out of Cornerstone
Meskel Wilkes - Deaf and Prison Ministry
Pete, Nancy Cyprian - Georgia Awana Missionary
Chris, Carol Woodley - Philippines
Travis, Mimi Dykes - Botswana
Other Missionaries and Ministries We Support
Steve, Ann Buchanan -Puerto Rico
Kyle, Jodi Charters - El Salvador
Danny, Janice Flowers - Ivory Coast, Africa
James, Brenda Burgess - British Columbia
Jack, Sandra Reiss - WBMOM - USA
Chet, Annette Cooper - USA 
Nina Braciliano - USA
James, Lanelle George - Ivory Coast, Africa
Yohannes, Kidist Getaneh - Zambia - Faith School of Deaf
Jason, Sarah Sykes - Venezuela
Gomaju - VICKtory School of Deaf - Ethiopia
Paulo, Marilza Tavares - Brazil
Mike, Sharon Keller - USA/Campus Ministry
Mark, Cindy Ernst - Mexico
Good News Club- Austin Road Elementary School- USA
We support several other missionaries that are in countries that are closed to the Gospel.
To post their names and places of ministry could put their lives in jeopardy.